What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes (2024)

The Spotify Palette is a third-party platform that connects to your Spotify account. It analyzes your top listened-to songs from the last 6 months and creates a unique color palette representing your music taste and personality. This spotify color palette with different shades can be shared on social media. It was created by developer Israel Medina to showcase Spotify users’ musical preferences in a visual way, similar to Spotify’s Wrapped and other musical analysis features. The color palette aims to reflect your personality through the genres and artists you listen to most on Spotify.

What is Spotify Color Palette?

Spotify Color Palette is a fun website that creates a custom colour palette based on your Spotify music listening. It analyses your favourite tracks on Spotify to make a palette of colours representing your music taste.

How Does the Spotify Color Palette Work?

The Spotify Palette works in the following way:

  1. You connect your Spotify account to the Spotify Color Palette website.
  2. It studies your Spotify listening data from the last six months.
  3. Based on your top songs and genres, it assigns you a colour palette.
  4. Energetic and danceable songs get warm red and orange colours.
  5. Happy and cheerful tunes are given bright yellows.
  6. Calm and mellow tracks get cool blue and green shades.
  7. Your personalized Spotify colour palette is created to reflect your music taste.

So your Spotify colour palette depends on your listening patterns – songs with certain moods and energy get certain colours.

How to Get Your Spotify Color Palette

Follow these simple steps to get your personalised spotify palette colors:

  1. Go to SpotifyPalette.com website
  2. Click on the ‘Connect with Spotify’ button
  3. Log into your Spotify account when prompted
  4. Accept permissions for access to your Spotify data
  5. Your special Spotify colour palette will be created.

Make sure you have a sufficient listening history over the last six months for the best results.

Types of Spotify Color Palettes

There are four main types of colour palettes you can get on Spotify Palette:

  1. Red Palette – For listening to high-energy, intense music like rock, EDM, etc.

What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes (1)

  1. Orange Palette – For danceable, upbeat tracks like hip-hop, dance-pop, etc.

What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes (2)

  1. Yellow Palette – When you hear happy, cheerful pop acoustic tracks.

What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes (3)

  1. Pastel- It means you love highly danceable and energetic songs.

What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes (4)

The shade of reds, oranges, pastel and yellows varies based on your top songs and artists.

Features of Spotify Color Palette

Apart from creating your colour palette, Spotify Color Palette offers other cool features

  1. See your top songs and artists from the last six months that were used to make the palette.
  2. Explore artworks and images from Google Arts & Culture that match your color palette.
  3. See the danceability, energy and valence stats that decided your palette colors.
  4. Take screenshots to share your spotify palette colors on social media.

So, you get additional insights about your music taste through the Spotify Color Palette website.

Fun Ways to Use Your Spotify Color Palette

What are some creative ways to use your Spotify colour palette?

Set your phone wallpaper to match your palette color

  • Print and frame your palette as unique Spotify art
  • Make a custom playlist for each color in your palette
  • Paint or decorate your room using your palette colors
  • Bake a cake with frosting colors based on your palette
  • Post your palette on Instagram and tag it on Spotify
  • Identify palette colors using a color identifier app
  • Create Spotify color palette stickers and merch

Let your Spotify color palette inspire your life and style!

Why Isn’t My Spotify Color Palette Working?

In some cases, the spotify palette colors website may not generate a palette for you. Why does this happen?

This could be because of:

  • Insufficient listening data – Need at least six months of Spotify activity
  • Restricted Spotify account settings – Enable sharing listening activity
  • Private listening mode – Site can’t access data in this mode
  • Ad blockers – Whitelist Spotify Color Palette website
  • Browser issues – Try incognito or another browser

So check these factors if you face issues getting your Spotify color palette.

How to Fix Spotify Color Palette Not Working

The Spotify color palette shows your music taste in a unique way. But sometimes it may not work properly. Here are some tips to fix it:

  • Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. This removes old data that may cause issues
  • Update Your Browser: Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Old browsers can cause problems.
  • Try a Different Browser: Open the Spotify website in another browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. This helps isolate issues.
  • Change Devices: See if the problem happens on your phone, tablet or another computer. This checks if it’s a device-specific issue.
  • Disable Extensions: Turn off any browser extensions as they can sometimes conflict.
  • Contact Spotify: If nothing works, contact Spotify support. Explain the issue and they can help troubleshoot.


The Spotify Color Palette offers a fun, artistic way to visualize your music taste based on your Spotify listening patterns. The colors represent the mood, energy, and vibe of your favorite tracks. Use your custom palette for social media, home decor, playlists, and more. Explore the many integrations this creative platform provides, along with your personalized colors. Unlock new insights into your audio preferences with the Spotify Color Palette!


Q1. How do I see my Spotify color palette?

Ans. Login to the Spotify palette website and allow access to your account data. It will generate a palette based on your listening.

Q2. Is the Spotify color palette safe?

Ans. Yes, it's safe when you use the official Spotify palette website. Don't enter your Spotify login on unknown sites.

Q3. Can I customize my Spotify palette colors?

Ans. No, the colors on your Spotify palette are generated automatically based on your listening data and cannot be manually changed or customized.

Q4. How often does my Spotify palette update?

Ans. Your Spotify color palette updates every 6 months based on your latest listening data. The colors will evolve as your music taste changes over time.

Q5. Can I share my Spotify palette?

Ans. You can share your Spotify color palette on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Take a screenshot and showcase your music taste!

What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes (2024)


What is Spotify Color Palette: How to Find Own Spotify Color Codes? ›

Spotify Palette is a web-based tool that analyzes the music you've listened to over the past six months. It then generates a color palette consisting of four colors: Red, Orange, Pastel, Yellow. Each color represents a different aspect of your music taste based on the top artists and genres you listen to.

How do you know your Spotify color palette? ›

First, visit the Spotify Palette website. Then, log into your Spotify account. This site analyses and displays your palette of colors based on your taste in music.

What is the color code for Spotify? ›

Spotify Logo brand hex, RGB, CMYK and Pantone (PMS) color codes
download Spotify Logo's Green colorHex code#1ED760
RGB values(30, 215, 96)
CMYK values(86, 0, 55, 16)*
Pantone®2270 C*

What is the color scheme of Spotify? ›

The Spotify green logo, pictured top left, is our primary logo colorway, and it should only be used with black, white, and non-duotoned photography.

Can Spotify codes be any color? ›

Can a Spotify Code be any color? Yes! Spotify Codes can be generated in any color, provided there is enough contrast between the bars of the Code and the background it sits on. There must be a distinctive rectangle border around the Code so the Scanner can recognize it.

What is a colors show Spotify? ›

A Colors Show: Each installment of the platform's flagship series entails a performance by one or more artists in a minimalist room with floor and walls covered in a single color. A Colors Encore: This series usually features another track by an artist who participated in "A Colors Show".

How do you find the code on Spotify? ›

Find and select the content you wish to share. Tap the options (three-dot) menu button next to the song title or at the top-right corner of the album or playlist page. Select the Show Spotify Code option from the pop-up menu. The app will generate a scannable code for the selected content.

How is Spotify coded? ›

Spotify's backend consists of many interdependent services, connected by own messaging protocol over ZeroMQ. Around 80% of these services are written in Python. The non-Python services are typically written in Java, although we do have a few using C or C++. Speed is a big focus for Spotify.

What is the color code for music? ›

This system assigns a specific color to each note: C is Red, D is Orange, E is Yellow, F is Green, G is Light Blue, A is Dark Blue, and B is Purple. With this color code, new music learners have the ability to learn music at the same speed as others, just in a different way. Learning how to form a G chord?

What color is the Spotify icon? ›

Spotify's Bright Green Trademark Symbolizes Modern Streaming Technology | DesignRush.

What is my sound aura? ›

After a few slides detailing your music-listening habits over the last year, your 2021 Spotify Wrapped should show a slide titled "Your Audio Aura," a gradient, fluid combination of colors meant to correspond to the melodic vibe of your most-listened-to music.

What is the color aura on Spotify? ›

On Spotify, every song you listen to is categorized into various moods on the backend of the streaming platform. Firester then assigned each of these moods an aura color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple) that correlates to the music a listener vibes with most.

How are Spotify codes made? ›

How to create a Spotify playlist QR code
  • Sign in to Spotify on your desktop.
  • Type your song title into the search bar.
  • Click the three dots next to the heart icon.
  • Click share > copy album link.
  • open a new tab on your computer.
  • go to www.spotifycodes.com.
  • paste the album link into the white bar and click get spotify code.

What is the color code for Spotify button? ›

As per the official brand guidelines, the Spotify logo uses a lighter tint of green with the hex code #1ED760.

Can I customize my Spotify? ›

Whether you're streaming from your desktop or mobile, now you can update everything from your photo to your username and create a personalized music page unique to you. Here's how to get started.

What do the colors mean on Spotify blend? ›

It generates a personalized color palette of Red, Orange, Pastel, and Yellow based on the artists and genres you listen to most on Spotify. These colors reflect the different emotions and energy levels of your music tastes.

What are the Spotify accent colors? ›

The Spotify color palette is made up of a combination of bold, vibrant colors and softer shades. This range of colors helps create the unique look that distinguishes Spotify from other streaming services. The main colors used are black, gray, green, and blue.

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